FIFA in the Vice:
Bring Me the Head of Blatter

Alalamalislami: There are signs Israel may be at war again this summer. This time, not with Hamas in Gaza or Hezbollah in Lebanon but with FIFA in Switzerland.Almost unnoticed by the mainstream media, the high-profile US-Swiss raids against FIFA leaders have had little to do with corruption and everything to do with protecting Israel and containing Russia.

Arguably, the most under-reported story in the world has set the football world astorm with controversy, and indications are that the move is timed to do the most harm to the anti-Israel football governing body:
- The strategy is to delay and ultimately scrap the planned vote on suspending Israel for the mistreatment of Palestinian footballers. Palestine has petitioned FIFA to expel Israel for preventing Palestinian players from traveling to international events and from purchasing necessary equipment.
- By extension, the suspicious arrests are timed to damage the international profile of the governing body with respect to sponsorships and events as well, with Russia playing host to the next World Cup. Though the US is denying any relation between that and the arrests, they would love nothing more than to undermine another major, Russia-based event.
- Israel has been pushing this angle for several months too. “Prime Murderer” Benjamin Netanyahu is crowing about this, and has confidently bragged of telling FIFA President Sepp Blatter that a vote of the suspension of Israel would mean the destruction of FIFA outright. He couldn’t be more right.
All of this could be dismissed as speculative except for the fact that Vladimir Putin is on the edge. The Russian president knows, and the whole world knows, that those who have destroyed Gaza, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Afghanistan will not hesitate to destroy the anti-Israel football body too. It’s a cakewalk,according to Farsnews.
Moreover, those who assume that amid the Swiss raids and US lobbying pressure, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon will still be brave to keep Israel on the annual list of regimes that violate the rights of children during armed conflicts are simply fooling themselves. It will never happen.
Ban is now too scared to name and shame Israel, and clearly, this is not about international law. This is about “might makes right” and after seeing what happened to FIFA President Blatter, Ban doesn’t want to see his head rolling next on the tray. So in the end, Israel seems likely to be quietly removed from both the lists.
But why has all this been pretty much ignored by the mainstream media? We can say with confidence that the mainstream media in the West supports Israel. They will never report on this scandalous Western-Israeli alliance against FIFA. This is part of a wider pattern in which the West's alliances with criminal regimes like Israel and Saudi Arabia are routinely ignored and downplayed, or actively disguised and supported by the media.

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