Iran Calls for Collective Global Effort to Fight Extremism

Alalamalislami: The Iranian ambassador to the United Nations has called for concerted global efforts to counter rising trend of extremism.

In an address to a meeting of the UN General Assembly on Tuesday, Gholam Ali Khoshrou pointed to extremism as the most serious threat to global security and stability.

The Iranian official said that arming and funding extremist groups as well as foreign military interventions are among the factors contributing to the rise of extremism.

“Destabilizing legitimate governments through arming and funding violence-seeking groups along with foreign military interventions” and policies aimed at changing government have been among the factors that have fueled the growing trend of violent extremism at the global level, he said.

The Iranian official further denounced efforts by certain media in inciting sectarianism, zero tolerance, xenophobia and discrimination, which he said, have inclined many young people towards extremism and violence.

Khoshrou reaffirmed the Islamic Republic’s support for the UN’s “comprehensive plan of action to defeat violence and extremism”.

He, however, warned against associating extremism with a particular religion, nationality or ethnic group. 

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