A Pan-Arab Army: Myth or Reality?

Alalamalislami: With regard to the idea of forming a Pan-Arab army as the military arm of the Arab League security organization, it must be noted that it would be enticing to take

 Iran and Christians in Middle East

Alalamalislami: Lack of respect for the rights of Christians has been a regular item on the list of the Western countries’ outright criticism of the Islamic states during the past

 Egypt Closes Shias’ Mosque on Eve of Ashura

Alalamalislami: Egypt’s Awqaf Ministry closed down the Imam Hussein (AS) Mosque in Cairo on the eve of Ashura as the Arab country’s Shia Muslims were preparing to hold mourning cer

No Military Solution to the Yemen Crisis

Alalamalislami: There is no military solution to the Yemen crisis. It is essentially a tussle for power between various political actors. The solution has to be political.

Obama’s Camp David and Its Discontents

Alalamalislami: As was predicted from the very beginning, the recent meeting between the US President Barack Obama and heads of state from the Middle East Arab countries in Camp Da


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