Ankara Blast: Change Course, Not Tactic
Ankara Blast:

Alalamalislami: On Wednesday, February 15, at least 90 people were killed and injured in a rush-hour car bombing targeting military personnel in the heart of the Turkish capital, A

Alalamalislami: Mosques all over Britain are inviting non-Muslims this weekend in an effort to explain Islam “beyond the hostile headlines” amid a surge in Islamophobic sentiments

Lenita Toivakka
Lenita Toivakka:

Alalamalislami: The outlook of bilateral relations between Tehran and Helsinki, the viewpoint of the Finns on Iran’s market as well as the issue of the presence of the Iranian wome

The End of Europe's Open Borders
Yet More Syria Blowback:

Alalamalislami: In lockdown over “imminent” threat, the passport-free Schengen zone in Europe may not get back to its old lovely self anytime soon.

US Trying to Change its Strategy in Syria

Alalamalislami: John Steinbeck, famous US writer and thinker, once wrote that when he looked at the chimneys of the White House, he wondered what big volcanoes of illusions were hi


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