Middle East

 A Pan-Arab Army: Myth or Reality?

Alalamalislami: With regard to the idea of forming a Pan-Arab army as the military arm of the Arab League security organization, it must be noted that it would be enticing to take

 Riyadh-Washington Relations: From Classic Dependence to Asymmetrical Dependence
Riyadh-Washington Relations:

Alalamalislami: Saudi Arabia and the United States, as two major actors in the Middle East, have enjoyed strategic relations during the past six decades, which have been dubbed as

Lenita Toivakka
Lenita Toivakka:

Alalamalislami: The outlook of bilateral relations between Tehran and Helsinki, the viewpoint of the Finns on Iran’s market as well as the issue of the presence of the Iranian wome

 Iran's Role in Restoring Peace to Yemen

Alalamalislami: Nine months after the beginning of the military operations by the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen, which has so far left over 6,000 people dead and about 30,000 injure

 Iran and Christians in Middle East

Alalamalislami: Lack of respect for the rights of Christians has been a regular item on the list of the Western countries’ outright criticism of the Islamic states during the past


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