Turkey Helps Daesh Recruit Militants: Russia

Alalamalislami: The Russian ambassador to the UN says Turkey is assisting Daesh militants in recruiting fellow Takfiris from the Caucasus and Central Asia to join the foreign-backe


Alalamalislami: Turkish forces have escorted at least 2,000 militants back to Syria over the last week in a covert operation to reverse the loss of terrorist groups, sources say.

Turkey Helping New Militants Penetrate Syria: Russia

Alalamalislami: Russia says Turkey helps fresh militants illegally enter Syria and join the ranks of the battle-drained terrorist groups already fighting the government of Syrian P

Daesh Replacing killed Militants with Children
US Colonel:

Alalamalislami: The Daesh terrorist group is increasingly training child soldiers to fill its ranks so that it can replace thousands of its militants killed in US-led coalition air

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