Mohammad Javad Zarif

 Mohammad Javad Zarif: Saudi Arabia’s Reckless Extremism
Mohammad Javad Zarif:

Alalamalislami: THE world will soon celebrate the implementation of the landmark agreement that resolves the unnecessary, albeit dangerous, crisis over Iran’s nuclear program.

No Security at Expense of Others

Alalamalislami: At the Munich Security Conference hosted by the Iranian Foreign Ministry’s Institute for Political and International Studies on Saturday, Iranian Foreign Minister M

Occupying Armies Bring No Democracy

Alalamalislami: Violent extremism is probably the toughest challenge to not only the Middle East but the entire world, where boundless forms of threats exist.


Iran to Step into Nuclear Trade

Alalamalislami: Javad Zarif says Iran is to step into trade on peaceful nuclear technology following years of research and development in the nuclear industry.


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