Turkey Helps Daesh Recruit Militants: Russia

Alalamalislami: The Russian ambassador to the UN says Turkey is assisting Daesh militants in recruiting fellow Takfiris from the Caucasus and Central Asia to join the foreign-backe

Turkey Helping New Militants Penetrate Syria: Russia

Alalamalislami: Russia says Turkey helps fresh militants illegally enter Syria and join the ranks of the battle-drained terrorist groups already fighting the government of Syrian P

Russia: Choking Guns in Syria Difficult

Alalamalislami: Despite an overall agreement among major concerned parties on the implementation of a ceasefire in Syria, Russia has warned about the complexities lying ahead of th

 Bringing Peace to Syria
Long Overdue:

Alalamalislami: US President Barack Obama is wasting his time calling again for the removal of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad “in order for the country to have peace and stabilit

President Al-Assad: West Not Serious in Fighting Terrorists
President Al-Assad:

Alalamalislami: President Bashar al-Assad gave an interview to the Spanish EFE news agency in which he stressed that the Russians’ values and interests in their policy towards Syri

Wish List: Turkey’s Double Game with Terrorism
Wish List:

Alalamalislami: When Russian President Vladimir Putin presented demining evidence as regards Turkey’s undeniable oil links with ISIL, we thought the West would react with sanctions


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