Ankara Blast: Change Course, Not Tactic
Ankara Blast:

Alalamalislami: On Wednesday, February 15, at least 90 people were killed and injured in a rush-hour car bombing targeting military personnel in the heart of the Turkish capital, A

Turkey Helps Daesh Recruit Militants: Russia

Alalamalislami: The Russian ambassador to the UN says Turkey is assisting Daesh militants in recruiting fellow Takfiris from the Caucasus and Central Asia to join the foreign-backe

Turkey, Israel Near Reconciliation Deal
Turkish Official:

Alalamalislami: Turkey and Israel are reportedly moving closer to striking a reconciliation agreement that would end six years of a freeze in their bilateral ties.

Turkey Helping New Militants Penetrate Syria: Russia

Alalamalislami: Russia says Turkey helps fresh militants illegally enter Syria and join the ranks of the battle-drained terrorist groups already fighting the government of Syrian P

Erdogan’s Policies Left Turkey Isolated: Analyst

Alalamalislami: It is an interview with Joaquin Flores, a member of the Center for Syncretic Studies in Belgrade, to discuss the remarks by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov t

Turkey Buying Oil from Daesh: Israel

Alalamalislami: The Israeli regime, which is itself believed to be supporting militants in the region, says Turkey has been providing money to the Daesh Takfiri militants operating


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