The United States

 Riyadh-Washington Relations: From Classic Dependence to Asymmetrical Dependence
Riyadh-Washington Relations:

Alalamalislami: Saudi Arabia and the United States, as two major actors in the Middle East, have enjoyed strategic relations during the past six decades, which have been dubbed as

Political Opening Slippery Road

Alalamalislami: With Iran on board, discussions in Vienna with United States, Russia, European Union and United Nations could advance possibility for diplomatic solution to the cri

Dividing Iraq: A Recipe for Disaster
Dividing Iraq:

Alalamalislami: Now that Iraqi army and Sunni-Shia volunteer forces are defeating ISIL, the United States and its anxious allies claim the country has no future as a unitary state!

The Geopolitics Behind the War in Yemen

The United States and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia became very uneasy when the Yemenese or Yemenite movement of the Houthi or Ansarallah (meaning the supporters of God in Arabic) gained control of Y

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